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Flink Energy helps clients working to facilitate the transition to low carbon energy sources. Principal Ken Dragoon brings more than 30 years of experience and innovation in the electric utility industry to address the challenges of relying on renewable resources for our energy needs.


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Flink releases Thermal Energy Storage: The Quiet Revolution, examining the under-reported world of some of the lowest cost energy storage applications today. Power system energy storage is growing in importance as grids increase their dependence on variable renewable energy resources. While the hunt is on for new advanced technologies, thermal energy storage applications are a $3.7 billion industry today, growing at an annual rate of 11%.  The article introduces the range of thermal energy storage applications and interviews utility and business professionals behind them.


Flink Energy Consulting is dedicated to facilitating the transition to a world powered by clean and affordable energy.

Recent Projects

  • Wave Energy Industry Update (Oregon Wave Energy Trust)
  • Strategic Flexibility Roadmap (European Copper Institute)
  • Excel-based Hourly Dispatch Utility Production Cost Model (Renewable Northwest)
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters for Demand Response (client: Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance)
  • Costs and challenges experienced by smaller generators scheduling over high voltage transmission systems (Energy Trust of Oregon)
  • Strategic agenda on power system flexibility (European Copper Institute)
  • Wave energy integration cost study (Oregon Wave Energy Trust)
  • Energy storage white paper (EDF Renewable Energy)
  • Green energy tariff design consulting (Utah Clean Energy) 

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