eSMART is a FREE Excel-based power system production cost model.

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eSMART is an open source, Excel-based power system production cost model. Most commercial  models cost tens of thousands of dollars per year in license fees, and are relatively difficult to learn and use. eSMART was developed on behalf of Renewable Northwest with the generous support of Renewable Northwest and its membership ( to put  production cost modeling into the hands of stakeholder who would not otherwise have access to such a powerful analytical tool.

eSMART is a relatively easy to use, efficient, open source tool for anyone interested in understanding the basic economics of power system dispatch, and resource acquisition decisions. It performs an hourly economic dispatch of a utility's generators, tracking the cost of fuel and emissions. It allows easy and relatively quick analysis of multiple scenarios over study horizons up to 20 years. The model user interface is entirely Excel-based, familiar to most potential users, and does not necessitate learning a whole new software package for data entry and handling.

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